We've come a long way. Read our story!

Founded in 2015, Click Photo is a devoted team of real estate photographers who are passionate about offering an outstanding service.

We strive to provide a great service at an affordable price. Since our launch, we've worked tirelessly to create a system that allowed us to produce quality HDR images that naturally popped while delivering photos in a short timeframe and we believe we have accomplished this. We also acquired a Matterport license which makes us one of the only companies able to offer 3D virtual tours to our clients in the Gatineau area. Our team also consists of two Transport Canada authorized UAV (drone) pilots. This makes us the reference in terms of aerial imagery in the National Capital's region. Try us, you won't be disappointed. We guarantee that.

Being a real estate broker means being available at all times for your clients. You have the right to expect the same from your photographer.

Meet our team of professional photographers.

We've come a long way.

Our Roadmap


Rebranded under Click Photo.


Acquired Visit360.


Merger with Atoka Photography.


Founded Realtor Photo.

We can showcase your property from every angle.